Ice Towers at Mt. Sima


Adventures on Ice for everyone.

Ice Walk explore the towers inside and out

Ice Climb, Trek & Zip Use ice axes and crampons to climb the ice towers, explore the ice trek (a roped path with tunnels & bridges) and zipline from the top.

Ice Climbing


Explore a frozen waterfall from bottom to top.  Friendly guides provide instruction and lots of encouragement.  Learn to use ice axes, crampons and ropes.

Includes all equipment and safety briefing

7hrs., $189pp  /  3 hrs., $89pp

Tours Daily 9am / 1pm

Gear Rental / Expediting


Ice Axes, Crampons, Boots, Harness, etc. 

Plans?  We help make your adventures come to life.

Call for details on expediting, private guiding, production assistance, and location management

Frequently Asked Questions...

Frequently Asked Questions...

Why do you climb ice?

Because it's there

Why do you build Ice Towers?

Because it's not there.

What should I bring?

We provide all technical equipment like harness, helmet etc.  It's your responsibility to be ready for an outdoor adventure.  Here is a gear list...

  • Sturdy Winter Boots
  • Water / Thermos of something hot & yummy
  • Lunch / Snacks (put some fuel in your tank)
  • Sunglasses or Goggles
  • Sunscreen, Lip Goo
  • Camera
  • Warm Clothing:
    - Base Layer = next to skin = long underwear top and bottom
    - Mid Layer = insulation = wool or fleece pants & sweater
    - Outer Layer = wind protection = shell jacket i.e. nylon, gortex, etc.
    - Head = very warm hat!!!!! No pom-poms.
    - Hands = light gloves for climbing, belaying and fiddling, over-mitts for between climbs
    - Feet = Thick wool or synthetic socks
    - Down Jacket / Parka to keep warm between climbs/activities

What about Ice Climbing Boots?

We have a limited supply of ice climbing boots. For best fit and comfort, please feel free to bring your own skiing, snowboarding, mountaineering or stiff hiking boots.

What is the cutoff temperature?

Generally -25c.  Generally, Equinox programs carry on in poor weather although they may sometimes be delayed.  It is the client’s responsibility to come prepared ~ dressed in weather appropriate clothing, fed, rested and ready for adventure.  We have Suite 125 in Waterfront Station complete with Bouldering Wall.

How do I book an adventure?

Reservation & Payment can be made by phone (867-334-3725) or email ( A credit card # or payment by email-interac / paypal is required to make a reservation.


2017 Ice Towers and Waterfalls.pdf

Equinox Ice Climbing
Rates 2017      
Ice Towers at Mt. Sima Walking Tour 1hr 39.00

Ice Climb & Zip

2hrs 79.00
  Ice Climbing 101 3hrs 99.00
Ice Tower Day Pass    15.00
ACC & Students     12.50
Ice Tower Season Pass     150.00
Gear Rental    Item 12.00
  Package 15.00
    Off Site  25.00
Frozen Waterfalls  Photo Safari   39.00
  Full Day   189.00

Ice Towers...

1,000,000L of H2O + Yukon Winter = Ice Towers. 

At Mt. Sima, These 30'-60' high towers towers made entirely of ice make for awesome winter adventures.  You can explore ice formations and caves at the ground level or head to the top via the Ice Trek or Ice Climbing.  The Zipline takes you back to the ground.  Spraying starts in November and by Christmas the self supporting structures have built up to a climbable structure.